The 2nd Team Science Oncology Workshop チーム医療を科学する!


01. Creating the Best Teams in Oncology Care for the Future
02. Welcoming Reception Teams Science Introduction and Tuckman Model Overview
03. Forming:Ice Breaker, Debrief, Annoucement of Winning Team, Team Overview
04. Forming cont.:Knowing Yourself, MBTI, Core Values, Expertise, Orchestra Video, Mission and Vision
05. Lunch Break/Continued Discussion of team Mission and Vision
06. Mission and Vision Wrap Up Stormining: Team Science including Psychological Safety, Question Bursting Facilitation
07. Break, Exercise
08. Norming: Social Sensitivity, Super Chicken
09. Performing: Effective Communication, Conflict Management
10. Adjourning: Freeback, Celebrating Teams, Team Effectiveness
11. Group Work(Teams A,B,C,D)
12. Dinner and Naming of the Teams