The 1st TeamOncology Workshop

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Day 1
start start01 start02
lecture lecture01 lecture02
lecture03 lecture04 lecture05
lecture06 lecture07 Luncheon Session JME Program 2008
Luncheon Session JME Program 2008_01 lecture lecture08
lecture09 lecture10 lecture11
lecture12 lecture13 lecture14
groupwork1 groupwork1_1 groupwork1_2
groupwork1_3 groupwork1_4 groupwork1_5
groupwork1_6 groupwork3 groupwork3_1
groupwork3_2 dinner discussion dinnerdiscussion1
dinnerdiscussion2 dinnerdiscussion3 dinnerdiscussion4
dinnerdiscussion5 dinnerdiscussion6  

*「動画ブログ● ヒューストンフリップ」で、The 2nd TeamOncology Workshopの模様を動画で公開中!
YouTube 動画チャンネル「TeamOncology Channel」では、
  The 1st & 2nd TeamOncology Workshopの模様を動画などで公開中!
「TeamOncology 写真掲示板」では、The 2nd TeamOncology Workshopの模様を写真とコメントで紹介しています。