The 4th Team Science Oncology Workshop ~チーム医療を科学する!

Qualifications / Requirements for Participants参加要件

20 Physicians (including 1 or 2 pathologists and radiation oncologists), 16 Nurses, 16 Pharmacists, 8 other healthcare professionals. 

Teams of physicians, nurses, and pharmacists from the same institution are welcome to attend, with preference given to single participants. Other professionals (pharmaceutical statisticians, MSWs, PTs, OTs, clinical psychologists, etc.) are also very much welcome to attend, so please apply.

Note: Those who have participated in the past are welcome to re-apply.

医師20名(含む病理医、放射線診断医)、看護師・薬剤師 各16名、
医療統計家・その他のメディカルスタッフ 8名(合計 60名)


注) また、これまでにご参加された方も再度お申し込みいただけますので、是非ご応募ください。


参加要件 Qualifications / Requirements for Participants

Physicians (including pathologists and radiation oncologists), Nurses, Pharmacists, Clinical statisticians and Other healthcare professionals

  1. Basic understanding of cancer treatment
  2. Keen interest in “Team Science” concepts for making the best multidisciplinary team in oncology care
  3. Interested in principles of effective communication, learning leadership ideas and career development
  4. Becoming a member of
    チームオンコロジー.com web会員になる
  5. Commitment to J-TOP future activities
  6. Basic ability to communicate in English is preferred

参加申込方法 How to apply to the 4th Team Science Oncology Workshop


Please visit "the application format".

(1)英文課題レポート“My Dream (Vision): What would I like to become in 5 years, 10 years”
MDアンダーソンがんセンターの上野 直人先生によるビデオレクチャー『キャリア形成に必須のMission & Visionの創り方:Successful Career』を掲載します。 どうぞ課題レポート執筆の参考にしてください。

YouTube動画チャンネル ≪TeamOncology Channel≫

提出期限: 2020年11月7日(土曜)

For English speaking healthcare professionals working in Asia (outside of Japan);
Please submit these documents by email.

  1. A one page (A4) essay on “My Dream (Vision): What would I like to become in 5 years, 10 years”.
  2. Your CV (A4): Your career development story. Please include your leadership (responsibility and decision making) disposition.

Application Deadline: Saturday, November 7, 2020

To apply to the 4th Team Science Oncology Workshop, please contact the secretariat office directly by email at:

参加者選考基準 Participant Selection Criteria

If the number of applications exceeds the maximum number available, the J-TOP Executive Committee will review the reports and career introduction by each applicant. After the review, the final participants will be selected. Thank you for your understanding.


本ワークショップに関するお問い合わせSecretariat Office

Japan TeamOncology Program(J-TOP)事務局

〒105-0003 東京都港区西新橋1-6-12 AIOS虎ノ門